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Meet Our Founder

Realtor, Investor and Mentor
in Commercial & Industrial Properties


With 18 Years of Knowledge & Experience, Richard has transacted over $1 billion worth of properties including Shophouses, Buildings, Offices, Industrial & Residential

Richard Tan started his career in the real estate industry in 2004 with PropNex. With his focus on clients’ needs, service and trust, he has worked his way to being one of the real estate industry’s most respected realtors.


Initially, Richard’s focus was on resale HDBs in Bedok and Tampines, where he helped many families upgrade as well as unlock their HDB’s potential. Thereafter, he assisted clients in condominium transactions in the Central Core Region (CCR), where his clientele included high net worth Singaporeans and Foreigners.


Richard’s Passion in Singapore’s Rich History and Conservation Properties

With the 2012 property cooling measures beginning to impact the residential property market, Richard discovered a property segment that could provide his clients with opportunities and value. However, as Richard was new to this segment of heritage buildings and shophouses, he worked tirelessly to build a solid foundation and grew brick by brick to offer unrivalled value to his clients.


As Richard loves Singapore's rich history, he was determined to share more about this complex yet lucrative shophouse segment. He worked diligently to not only sell but educate customers about this rare segment. Richard is widely known as one of the pioneer practitioners of the art of shophouse marketing.

Richard's opinion is often sought after by the media

His analysis has only proven true over the years, with many shophouse districts and streets becoming designated heritage zones and tourist hotspots, attracting the interest of property investors and business owners alike, as shophouses provide for decent rental yield as well as solid capital appreciation.


Unlike the residential property market, commercial properties are often transacted privately and discreetly, as sellers and buyers will like to reserve their privacy. Hence, to connect qualified buyers and sellers together, Richard decided to create a network of High Networth Individuals (HNIs), corporations, entities and family offices from Singapore and overseas.

Giving Back to the Community Through Knowledge and Charity

In line with his open and transparent sharing nature, Richard decided to share his knowledge and passion of shophouses in the form of a comprehensive book, co-authored by Tyson Yuk. The book is aptly titled, “The Untold Truth of Investing in Commercial Properties”. 


The book covers 3 main segments, which cover an introduction to commercial property, generating income from commercial properties and understanding macro-economic factors to determine the best property investment in Singapore. 


Through the publishing of this top selling book, the community will benefit from the knowledge and strategies for commercial property investment in Singapore. In addition, the revenue collected from the book will be matched by the PropNex management and the significant sum will be donated to a charity.


Achievements & Recognition

Richard has transacted more than $1 Billion worth of commercial and residential properties, which garnered him numerous achievement and performance awards over the years. Besides awards and accolades, the real estate industry views Richard as a humble and respected icon of the industry.


Some of the recent awards that Richard has achieved through his stellar performance are Top Commercial Transactor 2021, Super Platinum Award, Top 50 Champion Producers, PropNex Ambassador Award 15 Years and Top 10 Group District Director.