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From Vision to Success: Unveiling Launch of "The Untold Truth of Investing in Commercial Properties"

By Richard Tan

Official Book Launch Event _ Restaurant Born_006.jpg

Our journey started on 5 May 2023 in an extraordinary way. In a beautiful shophouse turned elegant hotel, Born Restaurant, we introduced our book, "The Untold Truth of Investing in Commercial Properties." Just like our book, this place told its own story.

The setting allowed us to reflect on our journey, bringing our understanding of commercial property investment to a broader audience. Delicious canapés, fine wine and a gathering of like-minded individuals – it was everything we'd dreamed of.

The moment had finally arrived. We unveiled our book, our journey, and our passion. And oh, what an experience it was! "The Untold Truth of Investing in Commercial Properties" was finally in the hands of those we'd written it for.

The Big Family Gathering

It wasn't just any gathering; it felt more like a family reunion. With recognised faces from PropNex, including Mr Ismail Gafoor, Mr Kelvin Fong, Mr Alan Lim, and respected media correspondent Ms Joyce Lim from Straits Times – it was a star-studded affair!

Official Book Launch Event _ Restaurant Born_096.jpg

Impactful Conversations: The Core of Our Book

At the heart of this book is the untold truth about commercial properties: the opportunities, the complexities, and the potential for incredible success. Throughout the evening, we shared how this book distils years of experience and insights into the Singaporean and broader Asian commercial property market. We discussed how it could serve as a guide for those looking to break into the sector or those wanting to maximise their investment strategies.

In these uncertain times, understanding the ins and outs of the commercial property market is more crucial than ever. Our book provides readers with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate this complex industry confidently, seize opportunities and, most importantly, protect their investments.

When We Give, We Grow

Perhaps the evening's most poignant moment was the presentation of the cheque to the Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home. We believe that giving is as important as receiving. And that's why it felt so special to hand over the cheque from the sales of the first 1,000 books to the representatives of Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home. Their presence was a gentle reminder of why we wrote this book in the first place – to make a difference.

Official Book Launch Event _ Restaurant Born_221.jpg

Wrapping Up: An Invitation to Our Readers

We’ve come a long way since we first decided to untangle the complex world of commercial property investment. Every book sold, every life touched, and every reader inspired to take that leap into the world of commercial property investment is a testament to our commitment. The story doesn’t end here; in fact, it’s just another exciting beginning!

The successful launches in Singapore and Malaysia mark just the beginning of our journey with "The Untold Truth of Investing in Commercial Properties." We invite you to be a part of this journey, to engage with our work, and to leverage the insights and strategies we share to navigate the exciting world of commercial property investment.

Interested to know more? To learn the untold truth and be part of this incredible journey, visit our website for more information and get your copy of "The Untold Truth of Investing in Commercial Properties" today. Together, let's explore the potential of commercial property investment.

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