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Connecting Business Owners and Investors to the Right Commercial Property

Introducing PropNex Shophouse Elites:

Revolutionizing Your Shophouse Buying Experience


We are thrilled to introduce PropNex Shophouse Elites, a dedicated team committed to enhancing the shophouse buying experience. Shophouses are not just buildings; they are a part of our identity, and our passion for them propels us to revolutionize the commercial property market.
A decade ago, we entered a market rife with opaque practices and unhelpful agents, leaving consumers poorly educated and advised, resulting in missed opportunities. PropNex Shophouse Elites aims to change this narrative by providing transparency and education to investors like you.


Our team comprises experienced agents, almost all boasting a decade-long expertise in the shophouse market. They specialize in diverse sectors such as F&B, offices, and retail, united by a vision to educate investors on the best approaches and strategies in this niche market.

Realtor, Investor and Mentor
in Commercial & Industrial Properties


With close to 20 Years of Knowledge & Experience, Richard led his team and transacted $2 billion worth of properties including Shophouses, Buildings, Offices, Industrial & Residential

Richard Tan started his career in the real estate industry in 2004 with PropNex. With his focus on clients’ needs, service and trust, he has worked his way to being one of the real estate industry’s most respected realtors.


Initially, Richard’s focus was on resale HDBs in Bedok and Tampines, where he helped many families upgrade as well as unlock their HDB’s potential. Thereafter, he assisted clients in condominium transactions in the Central Core Region (CCR), where his clientele included high net worth Singaporeans and Foreigners.

Giving Back to the Community Through Knowledge and Charity

In line with his open and transparent sharing nature, Richard decided to share his knowledge and passion of shophouses in the form of a comprehensive book, co-authored by Tyson Yuk. The book is aptly titled, “The Untold Truth of Investing in Commercial Properties”. 


The book covers 3 main segments, which cover an introduction to commercial property, generating income from commercial properties and understanding macro-economic factors to determine the best property investment in Singapore. 


Through the publishing of this top selling book, the community will benefit from the knowledge and strategies for commercial property investment in Singapore. In addition, the revenue collected from the book will be matched by the PropNex management and the significant sum will be donated to a charity.

Latest Updates

Connecting clients to commercial properties that meets their objectives for business operations or investment ROIs

Through our process of carefully curating properties, our  team has been successfully connecting business owners and investors with the correct property to advance their business needs and investments. We have advised and recommended clients from a wide variety of businesses, thus gaining invaluable experience. This experience has translated to knowledge and a comprehensive network in various industries.


We have classified the 4 main purposes when it comes to assisting our clients to suit their objectives


Buy / Rent

for Business Use

Business owners who are in need of a property to conduct their business will look to buy or rent a commercial or industrial property. For example, an F&B business renting a unit or a logistics business purchasing a warehouse.



for Investments

Investors who are looking to diversify or purchase a second property without ABSD, will look to purchase a commercial and/or industrial property. Ideally, they will be looking for a good rental yield and capital appreciation opportunity.


Upgrade / Downsize

for Business Use 

Businesses that are expanding, may need to upgrade from their current premises. On the other hand, businesses that are downsizing, could be looking to move to a smaller unit. With the onset of COVID-19, there has been a shift of F&B and retail businesses scaling down their operations, whereas, cloud kitchens and logistics businesses have been expanding.


(A mix of own use
+ partial rent out)

For some businesses, when they purchase a property, they may not need to utilise the entire space and may look to rent out the unused space. In this way, the business can rent out part of the property to another business, thereby, maximising the space of the property.


Properties We've Sold

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-10 at 5.40.10 PM.jpeg

Amoy Street

Sold at $22 Million



Sold at $9 Million


Pagoda Street

Sold Units from

$11 - $15 Million 

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-10 at 3.56.09 PM.jpeg

Tanjong Pagar Conservation

Sold at $15.8 Million


Boat Quay

Sold at $13 Million


Haji Lane

Sold at $8.63 Million


Pagoda Street

Sold Units from

$11 - $15 Million 

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-10 at 5.38.09 PM.jpeg

Telok Ayer Street

Sold at $15.5 Million

WhatsApp Image 2022-01-10 at 5.41.08 PM.jpeg


Sold at $11.1 Million


Haji Lane

Sold at $7.6 Million


South Bridge Road

Sold at $27 Million


Tras Street

Sold at $10.6 Million

Types of Commercial Properties


Industrial B1


Industrial B2



Industrial B1, Industrial B2 and Buildings

Driving the Success of the Nation

Consisting of factory spaces, warehouse spaces and industrial land, industrial properties are mostly located outside central Singapore like Changi, Jurong , Tuas and Woodlands.

Separated into three main use categories, these properties support many of Singapore’s essential industries like construction, engineering and marine. With high demand and shorter tenures, these industrial spaces provide  good opportunities for investment.

A rare piece of
Singapore’s colonial history

A diminishing asset from the early 1800s and to mid 1900s, many of these charming heritage buildings were flattened to make way for newer developments. However, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has gazetted many shophouses as conservation buildings. To date, only 6500 shophouses remain in Singapore.


Commercial Buildings

Despite our love for shophouses, the commercial property sector is a much larger market consisting of more than just shophouses.


From hotels to offices to strata-titled properties, the commercial landscape in Singapore is filled with a wide variety of buildings for various uses.


With over a decade of experience, our team is fully equipped to advise and assist commercial investors and business owners on their purchase and sale.


Industrial Buildings

Consisting of factory spaces, warehouse spaces and industrial land, industrial properties are mostly located in the more remote areas of Singapore like Woodlands or Tuas.


Separated into three main use categories, these properties support many of Singapore’s essential industries like maritime and construction.


With high demand and shorter tenures, these industrial spaces are no doubt one of the best avenues for investment in the current property market.

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